Why us

We specialize in trade receivables with extrajudicial collection B2B receivables is being our core business. We realize how important the issue of TIME is for business, and therefore  we respond to all your requirements as soon as possible.

is our principle of extrajudicial collection. You do not pay fees in advance. You only pay fees from amounts successfully recovered.

The claims are handled individually
and we flexibly correspond with the actions of the debtor. We prefer the personal touch instead of automative processing done by a machine.

We have a high success rate
because of our claims method. We build a personal relationship with debtors with them being regularly contacted.

Time is money

Immediate action is necessary for unpaid debts, otherwise your claim(s) can quickly become problematic. The longer overdue, the lower the likelihood of a successful recovery. The success rate for claims submitted for processing within the range of one month is around 90-95%. For half a year old receivables overdue only 50%, and receivables due after one year only 25%! Therefore, it is important to set terms for submitting of assets to our company and really follow them!

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