Extrajudicial collection of trade receivables

We work on the principle NO SUCCES = NO FEE, ie, without fixed or hidden charges. We receive commission only from successfully collected amounts therefore you do not have anything to lose. Commissions may vary depending on the age of claim after due date, on amount and total volume of transferred receivables tou our company. For accurate pricing please contact our sales representative

Prevention services in trade receivables

Responsible company uses a wide range of treatment claims to  prevent problematic claims. One of the tools of our support is system of stamps used on your documents. This warns customers about our cooperation and possible next steps. Stamps are used for fixed annual license fees.

Formal notice procedure service (management of receivables)

In addition to extrajudicial collection based on commission, we are able to provide cooperation to our clients with dunning receivables shortly after due date. The price for this service depends on the number of receivables and the default price is set from CZK 50 to CZK 250/ 1 act according to the type and total quantity. Number of acts depends on the requirement of client.


Accurate price calculation will be provided by our sales representative.

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